About Noble Gas Solutions, Albany Specialty Gas Supplier

Noble Gas Solution has been building loyal customer relationships since the 1940’s. Our reputation as a trusted partner for specialty gas customers led us to become an integral member of the PurityPlus® brand since the inception of the organization. We are proud to offer a wide range of specialty gases with the service quality, convenience, efficiency and attention to detail that can only be expected from a local company.
The PurityPlus® supply chain network enhances our specialty gas production and distribution capabilities, and leverages the intellectual resources of the entire organization. Through the PurityPlus® quality program, we ensure that our customers receive world-class specialty gases and equipment that adhere to rigorous specifications and standards.
Noble Gas Solution operates the only ISO 17025 accredited specialty gas lab in New York State, as there are less than 20 labs with the same accreditation nationwide. Our comprehensive annual audits ensure compliance with the meticulous PurityPlus® quality program. Through this state of the art lab we are able to provide our customers with access to local production, blending, testing, and certification of specialty gases. This allows our customers to take advantage of significantly reduced if not eliminated lead times and freight charges as well.
We offer our customers a wide range of specialty gases, including but not limited to:
USP-Grade Gases
High Purity Gases
Ultra-High Purity Gases
Research-Grade Gases (Noble Gas Solutions provides the only Research-grade oxygen filling plant in over 150 miles radius of the Albany and Kingston, NY areas.)
All our specialty gases are offered with Certificates of Analysis, through uncompromising in-house testing that ensures that our customers always get the best quality gas for their needs and applications.
Custom gas packaging options that fit our customers’ unique needs are a trademark of Noble Gas Solutions. Whether it be individual cylinders, palletized cylinder manifolds of various sizes, cryogenic dewars, bulk cryogenic tanks, or an entirely customized packaging solution, Noble can provide the gases our customers need in a package that fits their application in a timely manner.
Along with our specialty gases and packaging options, Noble offers a wide range of specialty gas delivery equipment as well. Specialty valves, regulators, switchover systems, manifolds and more are all readily available at both the Albany and Kingston locations. For our customer convenience and safety we also barcode all of our gas cylinders, which allows for accurate tracking of ship dates, locations, retest dates, and enables better planning. The tracking system also ensures that customers receive credit for their returns, and it helps optimize the number of cylinders that are kept on hand at a customer location.
Wireless telemetry is available for dewars, pallets, and bulk tank gas systems as well. Through wireless telemetry our customers can monitor their gas usage and even set automatic reorder points to eliminate the possibility of running out of product. It is a convenient and efficient option for both the customer, and Noble.
Noble Gas Solutions has been an active participant in the exciting growth of the Tech Valley throughout the Capital Region and Hudson Valley. We are a key supplier to the booming semiconductor manufacturing, pharmaceutical and life science industries, as well as to educational programs, and organizations for decades.
As a top PurityPlus® specialty gas supplier, we continue to invest in our technical and distribution capabilities, as well as our employee training and qualifications, to ensure that our clients can continue to count on us in the future.
For more information, call 518-465-5229. We provide free consultation to establish how to best meet your company’s distribution and supply needs. We look forward to adding you to our growing family of satisfied customers!